15 - Years Of Experience

Who We Are

KeyPhysio Academy Pvt Ltd strives to work towards achieving the goal of a healthy society by making people physically and mentally fit so that there is no need for them to take medicines or go for a surgery. It has developed a multi-faceted program that educates,motivates and provides health and wellness guidance to your employees.

In Today’s world we have one prominent problem and that is “Not Being Fit” and that causes a lot of problems for us. Unintentionally, we are causing harm to our bodies and we do not even know it. Hectic Work Schedules is one of the issues that has been making us “Unfit “. So, we are here to promote health education, health awareness, fitness in corporates and societies to see people become “Healthy” and “Fit


Why Choose Us

  • Sports and arts injuries

    We are a specialist centre for Sports & Performing arts injuries.

  • Treatment Package

    We get the Outcomes people want.

  • Correct Diagnosis

    We listen & take time to get to know you properly.